Lotus Oil


Lotus Flower Essential Oil

Hardly any other plant can be diverse as the lotus flower. It is considered a symbol of beauty, purity and virginity.

The healing powers of the lotus have been known for millennia.

Botanical name: Nelumbonaceae

Synonym: lotus, water lily

Fragrance: soft, spicy

Plant parts: flowers

Ingredients: Armepavin, Oil fatty acid, protein, phosphorus, linoleic acid

Quality: 100% essential oil


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Lotus flower essential oil

Pure Lotus flower essential oil is very valuable. Since the Lotus flowers have several colors, so there will be different lotus flower oils. The names Lotus pink, blue or gold refer to the flowers colors from which the essential oil was extracted.

The effect of lotus flower essential oil

Since the oil has a strong calming effect, which comes close to poppy seeds effect at high doses, so that should start with a low dosage, for example, baths or room fragrance. The scent which is used for meditation purposes promotes relaxation during ayurvedic massages.

Lotus flower essential oil for aromatherapy

Using Lotus flower oil in the aroma lamp or diffuser, it will help with relaxing, mood balancing, harmonizing and promoting sleep.

Lotus flower essential oil for massage

Since lotus flower oil has a relaxing effect, so it is often used as massage oil. The therapeutic application with lotus flower oil relieves tension. The pleasant scent of the oil contributes to the reduction of stress during the treatment and thus promotes feeling good.

Lotus flower essential oil for skin 

For a long time, lotus flower oil has been used as an additive to nourishing skin products, Its skin smoothing function and reduction in wrinkling effect are often used in anti-aging creams production. As this oil is very effective against skin irritation and redness, it also serves as an adjunct to after-sun lotions.

Fragrance of lotus flower oil

The fragrance obtained from the white Egyptian lotus flower is a sweet and floral honey fragrance with a spicy scent.

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