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Marjoram Tea


Marjoram tea is a mild spicy taste drink, which helps to relieve insomnia, nervous, anxious and stomach-intestinal cramps. Reduces the symptoms in colds and viral diseases. Highly recommended for the regular consumption after myocardial infarct and in nervous system disorders.

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Nervous system relieve

Marjoram tea easily soothes the nerves, stress, anxiety and has a great calming effect. Relieves stomach and intestinal cramps after poisoning or heavy food. Widely used and has a long lasting effect with insomnia. Marjoram tea is highly recommended to drink direct after myocardial infarction and helps in a complex treatment of cardio-vascular diseases.

Health benefits

Marjoram is rich in vitamins A and D. Promotes digestion and assimilation of the fats, therefore used in various dietary programs. Marjoram tea is found as a good remedy for the treatment of anorexia (appetizing). Also marjoram tea is recommended for pancreatitis, hepatitis, nervous system disorders, depression, and children’s malnutrition treatment. Marjoram tea could be useful in stomach disorders, asthma and cough relieve, gums bleeding and inflammation.

Colds and viral disease

Warm marjoram tea could help to remove the symptoms of colds, runny nose. It is a good natural treatment in the lining of the mouth. Promotes blood circulation.

Women health

Regular consumption of marjoram regulates the menstrual cycle and facilitates this period. Inhibits migraine headache and dizziness. Marjoram tea is recommended for relieving symptoms of menopause, it treats mood swings, which are related to menstrual periods, menopause inducing disorders.

Other uses

Marjoram used in many cuisines as a mild spice in meat, vegetables and other dishes. Marjoram is an irreplaceable flavor in the confectionery industry, as well as is often added to red wine as an aphrodisiac.

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