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Healthy nervous system with natural oils

 If we reflect on today’s stressful course of everyday life and focus on the nature that surrounds us, we also notice again what we have so far perceived in the subconscious, when we walk through nature.

Whether in the forest the smell of wood, in meadows or gardens the smell of flowers, the essential oils of the plant world tickles our nervous system.

Unconsciously, these fragrances already affect our nervous system in nature.

However, we should take advantage of these great features in a much targeted way.

Even the ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew about the positive influence of fragrances on our health. They use the healing power of the oils for naturopathy to stabilize the immune system, to promote balance and increase concentration. The use of essential oils in aromatherapy with aroma lamps, diffusers, baths, massages or perfumes has been known since ancient times.

The essential oils of plants contain their concentrated life force and are obtained in part from their flowers, leaves, bark, roots or resins.

In flight through the neural pathways:

Essential oils act on our nervous system in different ways. Once through the mucous membranes, here the fragrances are passed in seconds by the nasal mucous membranes (aroma lamp, diffusor) via the nerve tracts into the brain. There will reach the regions that control our emotional world.

Essential oils for nervous system

Where their real work begins, depending on the vegetable oil they influence our mood: calming, anxiolytic, antispasmodic, anabolic (lavender oil), mood-enhancing (rosemary, orange, and lemon).

Lavander 1

If we take a blood test before and after, the effect of various oils would even be detectable.

One of the most discussed nervous system diseases of our modern age is burn-out syndrome. We now know that this is a disease, as the burn-out pathologically detectable effects occur.

However, if you deal with the early onset of symptoms early, you can counteract by premature intervention of a disease.

Prevent Nerve wracking!

A burn-out is always the result of increased permanent stress. We distinguish external (noise) and internal stress, mostly self-stress, which access the joie de vivre. And it is fact, there is the so-called male (the men are mostly stressed from the outside) as well as the female stress (which the women usually produce internally and which is much harder to change).

The effects of stress respond differently to our body with motor, emotional and cognitive disorders. We should be alert at these signs!

Cognitive disorders: Emptiness in the head, difficulty concentrating, loss of performance

Emotional effects: Panic, mood swings, depression, nervousness, irritability, anger, insecurity

Motor disturbances: Teeth grinding, tension head and back pain, stuttering, signs of fatigue, convulsions

Hormonal influence: Uncontrolled tear eruption, prominent veins, palpitations, high and unstable blood pressure, excessive sweating, migraine

Essential oils for nerve health

In our stressful environment stress cannot always be avoided, but we should pull the emergency brake prematurely if we realize that we are losing control. Time-outs, very important!

Time off with essential oils:

Relax at home, with proven use of essential oils. Depending on the job type, why not use the relaxing effect for example in the office by means of a diffuser?

Increasing our well-being through massage with essential oils

The fine molecules of the essential oil can pass through the skin into the nerve tracts. The therapist uses these properties for a relaxing massage and also for pain treatment. Pain also creates stress conditions in the body! Here is just one of the many essential oils that help, the essential marjoram oil. It’s calming and at the same time pain-relieving effect helps in states of exhaustion.

Relaxation bath with essential oils

Pure relaxation gives you a relaxing bath with essential oils! Here you directly use both properties, the effect through the nasal mucosa and at the same time through the entire skin cells of the body!

Mix a few drops best oils for nerves for example lavender essential oil with a carrier oil or milk and add it to your bath water. The fine molecules of oil penetrate immediately through your skin into the nerve tracts and increase the well-being.

Hydrotherapy 08

Which Oils help for nerve pain?

Nerve pain is very uncomfortable. Also in the case of nerve inflammation on the face, neck, and teeth natural oils will help.

Clove Bud Oil for toothache

Who doesn’t know the bad pain of a nerve inflammation on the tooth? Essential clove bud oil helps to “shorten” the wait until the dentist visit

Create your own perfume with essential oils

Inform yourself about the effect of your respective favorite fragrance. Start the day by making a fresh, refreshing fragrance in your creams, lotions or a specially made perfume with essential oils.

Tip: take a break for your nose, so that the mucous membranes are not over-stimulated! When applied by means of a fragrance lamp last 30 minutes, then you should treat the mucous membranes to a rest period to avoid over-irritation.

Be careful with overdoses, a few drops about 3 drops are enough. Since one no longer perceives the scent so intensively after a short while, but it is still present, do not refill in any case.

Healthy nutrition for the nervous system

Not only an external application with essential oils, but an internal application with vegetable oils is important to provide our nervous system with the necessary nutrients.

Nerves naturally strengthen with natural oils

For many, our chocolate is food for the nerves! It is a fact that our nerves need certain nutrients. Our chocolate is not the only thing we needed.  For the mental balance, polyunsaturated fatty acids are important. An important role is played by the so-called omega-3 fatty acid, which is mainly present in nuts and seeds. Since we cannot take these fatty acids, the deficiency can be optimally supplemented with natural vegetable oils.

Native oils such as z. Flaxseed oil, pomegranate oil help in stressful times to more stress resistance and stability. During menopause, these oils also help to balance the hormone balance (Helba oil)

You & Nefertiti

The natural way to maintain your health!

Nefertiti oils and herbs offer variety of natural oils for nerve regeneration in high quality. In its own cultivation and production facility, high-quality oils are produced under constant control in a complex process, which are sold in our own shops in Egypt and online.

Visit our website, there you will find an extended range of essential o

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