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What is the definition of natural oils (plant oils)?

What is the natural oil definition?

Nefertiti natural oil definition

In general, natural oils are obtained from the most varied parts of oil-containing plants. For this purpose, from planting the seeds, fruits, leaves, flowers, stems, barks, woods (including their resins) to the root, depending on the type of plant, their plant parts are used. We differentiate between 3 natural oils, such as plant oils, essential oils, and aroma oils

The extraction of natural oils

We differentiate between types of production to obtain the natural oils from the plants:

First, about our cold press method of natural oils

How natural oil (plant oils) produced using the cold-press process?

Natural oils are extracted by pressing or extraction. The way in which the pressing is carried out takes an important role. In order not to destroy important ingredients, cold pressing is the prerequisite for obtaining high quality natural oil.

With this method, no heat must be applied during pressing, the oil seed which is only pressed out by pressure in an oil mill and then filtered.

This keeps all vitamins and other important ingredients such as minerals the plant contains in the oil. The “waste materials” in the cold pressing, the so-named “oil cake” with its valuable ingredients benefit the manufacture of cosmetic articles such as natural oil soap. However, the cold pressing process creates natural heat generated by friction. In order to obtain high quality oil, it is necessary to cool the machines during the cold pressing process. This and checking of the pressure during the pressing process differ in the qualities of the oil obtained. Careful production focuses on the quality of cold-pressed oil and not the quantity. This fact explains why consumers sometimes ask: How the different prices of natural oils arise.


Another method of extracting oils is by distillation.

How are natural oils made by distillation?

The Arabs already used an “Alembic”, which is still used worldwide today. Steam distillation is still the most widely used method for the production of Essential oils and Aroma oils.

For this purpose, the plant parts required in each case are finely chopped into a boiler, which is tightly closed before water vapor is blown into the interior of the boiler. During this process, the water-oil mixture condenses on a cooled pipe inside the boiler (Florentine pot). The water-oil mixture is then separated from each other by means of a centrifuge in a collecting container.



Nefertiti Co distillation

Co-distillation, this procedure is used when essential oil cannot be obtained from a plant alone. For this purpose, a second plant is added to the respective parts of the plant. This usually happens when natural oils are extracted from flowers.

Extraction method:

Here a solvent for oil extraction is added to the respective parts of the plant. This usually happens with plants whose oil production would be too low in a normal distillation, or with plants that are very sensitive to heat. These flavorings obtained in this way have a waxy consistency, a concrete. Oils obtained in this way have different names such as:

Absolute: essential oils from flowers

Retinoid: essential oils from resin or root

Extract: essential oils from pods

Depending on the plant parts, different extraction methods are used:

For example, aroma oils sandalwood is protected by extraction

Which oils are created by cold pressing processes?

In the cold pressing process, the oil seeds and the oil fruits deliver the respective natural oil.

Some types of natural oil

From the oil seeds, oils such as the famous black seed oil, a jack of all trades among the oils, (further information) as well as natural linseed oil (further information), natural sesame oil (further information), natural wheat germ oil (further information), natural fenugreek oil (further information), the natural lettuce seed oil (further information), the natural carrot seed oil (further information), and also the natural castor oil (further information).

From oil kernels produce Natural oils names such as pumpkin seed oil (further information), and among other things the walnut oil (further information)

Oil fruit is the pulp of a plant that forms the basis for oil production for example natural olive oil (further information) and natural coconut oil (further information).

The result: oil in the form of lipids, a substance made from fatty acids and fat (triglycerides), which is not or only very slightly soluble in water, is obtained from the seeds and the oil fruit. This is one of the categories of natural plant oils. These oils are suitable for consumption and their healthy ingredients ensure a balanced diet. Of course, all of these oils are also suitable for use in the manufacture of cosmetics.

The second category of oils produced using by cold-press process is some essential oils such as Hazelnut oil or Almond oil, Argan oil, and the grapeseed oil. Essential oils are generally not suitable for consumption and are only for external use (only a few exceptions, but diluted!) together with the aroma oils obtained by distillation they form a wonderful base as carrier oils using in cosmetics, as well as in the massage.

Which oils are created by distillation?

The oils obtained by distillation include, for example, aroma oils and many essential oils. Depending on the kind of oil, different plant parts are used.

Flowers are used for some oils such as Jasmine oil; Geranium oil, lavender oil, violet oil, lilac oil, iris oil, chamomile oil

For other natural oils, leaves, such as Natural oil eucalyptus or natural oil of peppermint oil

Still, others such as Citrus fruits provide the peel, for example, Lemon oil and Orange oil

These oils are considered “fat-free” oils and penetrate the skin extremely quickly in order to get into the bloodstream as quickly as possible.


Uses of natural oil (plant oils)

Nefertiti Natural Coconut Oil


Due to the versatile propaganda for cold pressed natural olive oil known by everyone and the broad education about this product, many users understand the advantages of cold-pressed olive oil. These advantages apply to all cold-pressed oils, so we should pay attention to the term “cold-pressed” when buying natural oils so that we absorb the important nutrients from these oils with our food. Cold-pressed natural oils are ideal for creating the most healthy salads, here the natural olive oil appears again to first place in the Mediterranean kitchen and one of the popular, sesame oil with its valuable ingredients and for example, coconut oil is perfect for prepare sauces and is widely used in Asian cuisine. We have to use the benefits of natural oils for our health.

In the naturopathy treatment, Natural Black Seed oil takes the first place! We drink black seed oil regularly pure, it will help to strengthen our immune system.

Flax Seed oil is also an all-rounder among the cold-pressed oils. In the kitchen for cooking or using in salads, its nutty taste is a popular alternative to olive oil. Its ingredients strengthen the nervous system and its anti-inflammatory properties help with osteoarthritis. Flax seed oil is one of the natural oil for pain.

One of the oils that shouldn’t be missing in any kitchen is wheat germ oil with its very high vitamin E natural source. However, it should not be used for roasting. This oil is also ideal for external use as natural oil for hair and in the same way one natural oil for skin (for a healthy scalp and strong hair, rub into the scalp, apply to the desired area of the skin to tighten the skin)

These are just a few examples of how cold-pressed oils are used in our daily lives. We continue with the essential oils.

Various uses of essential oils and aroma oils

Nefertiti Essential Oils Aroma Oils

Essential oils in natural healing

Many essential oils obtained with the help of the distillation process are very well-received in the treatment in the sense of the naturopathy treatment such as the marjoram oil for colds. Allowing a few drops to evaporate using a natural oil diffuser works wonders. You can use marjoram oil also by aroma oils lamp. The expectorant, antibacterial effect helps to relieve the symptoms of the common cold with aroma oils for common problems, such as aroma oils for cold, aroma oils for cough, nasal congestion, and the headache often caused by it.

Inflammation and natural essential oils

Another of popular oil in naturopathy is chamomile oil, with its healing properties it helps to effectively heal skin inflammation in a natural way. We find natural chamomile oil in the recipe for treatment in the case of psoriasis and natural oils and natural oil for acne such as natural oil for eczema.

Essential oils for cosmetic production

Nefertiti Essential oils

NATURAL COSMETICS Capitalized! Our skin is exposed to harmful environmental influences every day. Let us stop chemical damage to our skin! Natural essential oils such as natural jojoba oil or almond oil provide our skin with protection and nutrients as a natural oil free moisturizer at the same time. These oils are suitable for the production of massage oils, as an upgrade to creams, lotions, soaps or bath additives.

You have brittle, lackluster hairs or even split ends? Argan oil, the essential oil for hair care, helps with its vitamin E content nourishes the hair root, strengthens the hair, stops hair loss brings shine and fullness, and also serves for skin care.

Argan oil for skin care is a popular oil for annoying dark circles. So, an all-rounder oil among the natural essential oils. A few drops on the palm of your hand are enough for your face and then to massage it into the tips of your hair

Aroma oils obtained by distillation – aromatherapy oils and uses

Sleep disorders or restlessness? Use lavender oil; it helps with its calming properties, either with the help of an aroma lamp or as a bath additive with the help of one carrier oil. As well as a room scent. In addition, lavender oil has a pronounced healing effect. Use the aromatherapy oils healing properties before taking any chemical products!

Healing ingredients also contain natural oil of peppermint and natural oil eucalyptus, which are released by evaporation with a natural oil diffuser or aroma lamp, help to alleviate cold symptoms. Here, a few drops can be rubbed directly onto the temples, but avoid the eye area, because peppermint oil and aromatherapy oils eucalyptus have a purely irritating effect on the mucous membranes!

The natural Aroma oils obtained by distillation are also used in the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumes or cleaning agents.


Nefertiti Aroma Oils

Aroma oils for perfume production

Most of the aroma oils obtained from the fragrant flowers of the plants can be found in the fragrance combinations of the world’s most famous perfume manufacturers. They are 80% obtained by the distillation process, such as natural jasmine oil, violet oil, the very precious rose oil, lotus oil, geranium oil, lilac oil, iris oil. These essential aroma oils can be found in perfume production from all well-known perfume manufacturers which choose essential Egyptian natural oil, Egypt one of the main suppliers for high quality aroma oils because its ideal climate all year round, Egypt ensures extensive oil production and oil quality from Egyptian natural oil company’s. The famous Perfume factories worldwide use the Egyptian aroma oils blends to create their fragrances.

Cosmetic production with the help of aroma oils

In many cosmetics such as natural hair mask, natural oil make up remover, body lotions, creams, perfume soaps, and bath additives, natural aroma oils are used to increase the value of the respective products. In addition, they take on the care properties in natural ways, such as supplying the skin with moisture, cleans it with for example aroma oil soaps, supplying nutrients, forming a protective coat and some aroma oils even have healing properties. Therefore, for example, one aroma oil massage with natural oil helps from two sides; by using aromatherapy oils lavender, one of the aroma oils relaxing, with one carrier oil makes relaxed and food the skin in one time.

Aromatherapy oil blends

To create your own sense of aromatherapy oils combination mix the favored essential oils used for aromatherapy from a list of aromatherapy oils.  

Aromatherapy oil uses

There are aroma oils guides to explain all different kind of aroma oils how to use on page’s aroma oil online.

Finally, regardless of whether there now plants oils for use in the kitchen for nutrition, essential oils and aroma oils which are mostly used externally (some exceptions: diluted aroma oils as baking aroma or diluted essential oils for internal use), It is important that we reflect on nature with everything we inflict on our body and use its natural active ingredients to maintain our inner and outer beauty.

We hope that we could explain that to buy any natural oil and also aroma oils cheap can be the expansive way of buying because of one of the important things: you’re healthy! Take care of buying natural oils online and choose only the trusted factories to buy aromatherapy oils online or choose the good aromatherapy oils store such as stores with their own farms, factories to produce aromatherapy oils organic and sell in their shops.

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