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Frankincense Oil


Frankincense Oil

Botanical Name: Boswellia serrata
Family: Sapindales
Synonyms: frankincense, البخور, weihrauch, ладан, encens, incenso, 乳香
Production method: Hexane-Distillation
Parts used: Resin of the frankincense tree
Ingredients:  Monoterpenes, diterpenes, triterpenes, tetracyclic triterpenic acids, boswellic triterpenic acids 




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Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is obtained from the resin of the frankincense plant belonging to the family Boswellia. The plants are found in the arid areas of Africa, mostly in Somalia. About 80% of the crop is from Somalia, the rest from other African countries.

Out of about 25 different varieties, only 4 are used for frankincense oil extraction. The sweetish mild lemon-like fragrance comes from the Boswellia papyrifera tree. The trees are cut to produce resin. From the resulting resin drops frankincense oil is obtained by steam distillation.


Frankincense Oil in Naturopathy

Since ancient times, the anti-inflammatory effect of frankincense oil is known. It was already used for wound healing. It helps in the treatment of eczema and acne. Frankincense oil is popular in people with psoriasis, hives or neurodermatitis, as it helps in naturally way to relieve the problems. It moisturizes, quenches, and doesn’t have the same side effects as cortisone. The highly effective, analgesic effect of frankincense oil, replaces a chemical agent, without its extreme side effects.


Frankincense Oil in Aromatherapy

Used in aroma lamp, the inhalation of frankincense oil helps to alleviate bronchial infections and asthma. It also strengthens the immune system. The scent ensures relaxation in case of stress and overload.


Frankincense Oil for Skin Care

A regular use of frankincense oil for skin care prevents the aging of the skin. It promotes the regeneration of the cells and increases the elasticity of the skin. Scars are smoothed and stretch marks are mitigated. Repeated rubbing with the oil, lets chapped skin heal.


Frankincense Oil for Oral Hygiene

With the addition of a few drops of frankincense oil to the mouthwash, you get an excellent mouthwash against inflammation.


Frankincense Oil as Bath Additive

With a few drops of frankincense oil for bathing, you get one relaxing and at the same time soothing bath.


Frankincense Oil for Manual Therapy

The anti-inflammatory effect of the oil is a welcome aid to therapists in the treatment of rheumatism.

For this purpose, about 40 drops are added to caring massage oil in order to achieve a skin-caring and analgesic effect. 



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