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Orange oil


Orange Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis
Family: Rutaceae
Synonyms: orange, برتقال , апельсин, помаранчевий, arancia, 橙子
Production method: steam destillation
Parts used: peels
Ingredients: Aldehydes (decanal and octanal), geraniol, sinensal, linalool, neryl and octyl acetate, citral, citronellal, terpineol, esters, vitamin C

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Orange oil

Florida, Sicily, Brazil, California and Egypt are the main growing areas of the orange trees, from their shells in the water vapor process, the essential orange oil is produced.

Orange oil in naturopathy

Mixed with black cumin oil, rubbing with orange oil helps with gum problems. Orange oil must not be used externally or internally because of undiluted.


Orange oil in aromatherapy

The mood-enhancing and at the same time relaxing effect of orange oil benefits helps with using of an aroma lamp or diffuser. The relaxing or mood-enhancing, invigorating and aphrodisiac effect can be enhanced by a particular blend of different softwood fragrances. Orange oil is an effective oil for sleep disorders.

Orange oil for skin care

The bleaching effect of orange oil is an effective remedy for the elimination of age spots and therefore a suitable anti-aging agent. A few drops to a base lotion moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles and give it elasticity. In addition, enlarged pores refine by its firming effect.

Orange oil for cosmetics

Shampoos are an effective anti-dandruff aid by adding a few drops of orange oil. A mixture with eucalyptus oil promotes the circulation of the scalp and thus hair growth.


Orange oil for manual therapy

Only a few drops of essential orange oil are enough to form the base oil (for example almond oil) during massages into valuable aromatherapy massage oil. Its relaxing effect helps the therapist during his relaxing massage. Its ingredients working against pain in muscle tension.

 Orange oil in the kitchen

Orange oil is excellently suitable for flavoring desserts and pastries.

Orange oil for perfume manufacture

The refreshing scent of orange oil is very popular in perfumery. At the same time it serves as a refreshing summer fragrance as well as to refine heavy softwood fragrances.


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