Orange oil


Citrus sinensis L. Feel the magical aroma of “paradise apples”, that’s how the orange fruits were called in ancient times. Most of all is popular because of its antidepressant and aphrodisiacal properties on human nervous system.


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Massage oil

The amazing feeling of being blessed fills your body and mind, when used orange oil with based massage oil blends. Highly recommended for therapeutic massage in neuralgia, myositis treatment.



Orange oil in aromatherapy sessions blends well with almost all other oils. Highest percent of limonene (90%) ensures very strong and long lasting smell when used in sauna, bath, steam room, perfume.


Anti Cellulite and antioxidant

This magical oil is a perfect remedy with a pronounced anti-cellulite effect. Improves well skin elasticity, and environmentally safely accelerates the process of separation of toxins from and body swelling in hormonal disbalance cases.


Cosmetic and perfume uses

Orange oil often added to many cosmetic products, such as: toning cream for face,hands and body, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, massage creams and oil blends, anticellulite cream, many kinds of perfume, household cleaners and fresheners.


Aroma oils are not recommended to use during pregnancy.

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