Chamomile oil


The origin of the name of the chamomile comes from the Greek namely: Chamaimelon. Since the chamomile plant is very easy to plant it, so it can be planted almost on any soil. Chamomile oil has been used for healing purposes for centuries. In ancient Egypt, chamomile was dedicated to the sun. The chamomile plant loves sunny places. It is one of the most commonly used plants for extracting essential oil and this because of its diverse uses.

Botanical name:

Synonym: Roman chamomile, Moroccan chamomile,

Fragrance: hay, spicy

Plant parts: flowers

Ingredients: Azulen, Myrcen, Matricarianol, Bisabolol, Cadinen, Chamazulen, Cumarin, Farnesen

Quality: 100% essential oil


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Chamomile oil as a remedy

The chamomile oil has many active ingredients that are useful for the maintenance of health. It is antipyretic, helps with colds, analgesic at z.b. Sunburn, relieves and prevents the inflammations. It is also often used for poorly healing wounds or abscesses. In case of stress, nervous restlessness and depressive mood, the oil has a balancing effect. Chamomile oil has an antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial action. This comes in case of conjunctivitis. Its analgesic function helps with various therapeutic applications for pain management. Chamomile oil also helps with colic.

Chamomile oil in aromatherapy

In sleep disturbance, the application of chamomile oil in the aroma lamp calms and ensures a well-balanced sleep. Its fragrance helps with meditation and hypnosis.

Chamomile oil in cosmetics

Its cell-regenerative effect is used as an additive for ointments and creams, which are used for scar reduction and smoothing of the skin.

Chamomile oil for hair care

This oil is a popular hair care product and is used for hair’s color lightening on blonde hair. Regular use of Chamomile oil helps in decreasing head scab.

Chamomile oil for perfumery

Chamomile oil is used for making perfume because of its refreshing and hay-like fragrance.

Chamomile oil for manual therapy

For nerve pain, rheumatism and tension, a massage with chamomile oil is recommended.

The ingredients

One of the ingredients responsible for the effect of the essential oil is azulene, also at the same time gives the oil its slightly bluish color. In the blue chamomile, the proportion of it is the highest. There are several different chamomile species, the color ranges from yellow to blue. In addition, the substances: Farnesen, myrcene, coumarin, Matricarianol, Bisabolol, Cadinen, Chamazulen.

Application and effect

Chamomile oil is suitable for the treatment of all sorts of pain and for the external application of inflammation. It not only kills the bacteria, but also the toxins you produce. Chamomile oil is therefore particularly suitable for use in acute sinus or bronchial infections. In addition, chamomile oil also helps to relieve the symptoms of sunburn and allergies.


Chamomile oil helps with stress and restlessness. Its fragrance ensures a peaceful night’s sleep. It also leads to an excellent relaxant mode.


Chamomile oil is popular oil for perfumery. It spreads a fresh and pleasant fragrance. The fragrance of Chamomile oil is considered a remedy for body, mind and soul.


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