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Chamomile oil


Chamomile Oil

Botanical Name: Chamomilla nobile
Family:  Asteraceae
Synonyms:  Chamomile, بابونج, Kamille, ромашка, Camomille, Camomilla, 黄春菊
Production method: steam distillation
Parts used: blossoms
Ingredients: Azulene, Ester, Cuminaldehyd , Limonene


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Chamomile oil

The origin of the name of the chamomile comes from the Greek namely: Chamaimelon. Since the chamomile plant is very undemanding, it can be planted on almost any soil. The oils contained in chamomile have been used for healing purposes for centuries. In ancient Egypt, chamomile was dedicated to the sun. The chamomile plant loves sunny places. It is one of the most commonly used plants from which essential oil is extracted because of its many uses.


Chamomile oil in naturopathy

The Chamomile oil has many active ingredients which are useful for the maintenance of health.  Antipyretic, helps against colds, analgesic in case of Sunburn, the oil relieves and prevents inflammation. It is used in poorly healing wounds or abscesses. In case of stress, nervous restlessness and also depressive mood, the oil has a balancing effect. Chamomile oil has an antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fungal and antimicrobial action. Its analgesic and analgesic function helps with various therapeutic applications for pain management. Envelopes with chamomile oil help with colic.


Chamomile oil in aromatherapy

In sleep disorder, the application in the aroma lamp calms and ensures a well-balanced sleep. Its fragrance helps with meditation and hypnosis.


Chamomile oil in cosmetics

Its cell-regenerative effect is used as an additive for ointments and creams, which are used for scar reduction and smoothing of the skin.


Chamomile oil for hair care

This oil is a popular hair care product and can be used to lighten blond hair. Head scab disappears with regular use.

Chamomile oil for perfumery

Chamomile oil is used for perfumery because of its refreshing, hay-like fragrance.

Chamomile oil for manual therapy

For nervous pain, rheumatism and tension, a massage with chamomile oil is recommended.




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