Chamomile oil

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The most delicate oil for aromatherapy, face and body skin care, hair care, pain and cramps relieve oil, between a wide choice in aroma oils world. Well known and widely used in all scopes of natural medicine for its unique soothing, antiseptic, mitigating and healing properties.

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Health benefits

Chamomile oil is attributed to its great natural antibiotic and anti-bactericidal properties, and often used as antiseptic in some medicinal and cosmetic procedures. Chamomile oil is one of the most popular ingredients in therapeutic measures for sensitive skin.


First of all chamomile is well known because of its calming properties. Often used in aroma lamps, baths, sauna and gives a calming effect in nervous tension, relaxes muscles and body. Ensures deep and quiet sleep.

Pain relief

Warm or cold compresses using chamomile oil relieve pain in stomach and belly. Relieves spasms and colics in intestinal disorders.

Massage oil

Chamomile oil often added to many massage oil blends for relaxing and skin healing.


Recommended in digestive disorders, stimulates metabolism and improves appetite.


Aroma oils are not recommended to use during pregnancy.

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