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Vanilla Oil


Vanilla Oil

Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia
Family: Orchidaceae
Synonyms: vanilla, فانيلا, vanille, ваниль, Ваніль, Vaniglia, 香草
Production method: Hexane-Distillation
Parts used: Vanilla beans
Ingredients: natural vanillin, vanillyl alcohol, coumarin, protocatechualdehyde, vanillic acid, protocatechuic acid


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Vanilla oil

Vanilla, known as the Queen of Spices, provides the basis for vanilla oil with its pods (fermented capsule fruits). Their origin is Mexico, Central America and the islands in the Indian Ocean. Some diverse orchid species (110), about 15 of them make these capsule fruits. The Vanilla planifolia provides the best pods for hexane extraction for the popular vanilla oil.

Vanilla oil in naturopathy

Vanilla oil has a relaxing, soothing effect, helps with upsets and stimulates concentration. By inhaling the vanilla oil, the formation of the happiness hormone serotonin in the brain is stimulated. Vanilla oil has a fungicidal and anti-inflammatory and also anti fungal, antibacterial and analgesic effect. Its fungicidal action helps in the treatment of nail and athlete’s foot. Here, a regular, longer-lasting application, the desired success. Studies have shown that vanilla oil contains antioxidants that protect against DNA mutations.

Vanilla oil in aromatherapy

Applied in the aroma lamp, the fragrance created here by the essential oil reduces stress and anxiety. Its scent is antidepressant and at the same time erotic. In addition, essential vanilla oil can be blended with other popular oils for use in the aroma lamp. In scented candles you will find the popular vanilla oil aroma again.


Vanilla oil in cosmetics

The pleasant, soft scent of vanilla oil, used by the cosmetics industry for the production of creams, lotions and for the preparation of bath additives. Its fungicidal action used in the production of foot creams. The antiseptic action of the oil, which benefits the treatment of facial blemishes, as well as acne benefits and can help with a few drops, as an addition to normal-use facial care creams.


Vanilla oil for perfumery

The perfume industry uses the popular scent of vanilla to create high quality perfumes. Many well-known perfume developers use the vanilla oil fragrance in their compositions.


Vanilla oil for manual therapy

5-10 ml of vanilla oil are enough for 90-95 ml of carrier oil to create an ideal massage oil, which can also be used as a bath additive.



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