Peppermint Oil


Mentha L. Essential mint oil has antiseptic, tonic, stimulant, absorbing and expectorant properties. Facilitates breathing, relieves headaches. Used for prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system, in cosmetology.


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Respiratory diseases

Easily facilitates breathing, relaxes muscles and relieve a cough. Often used in viral and respiratory inflammation diseases.

Pain relieve

Cold mint oil compresses used in abdominal aches to relieve pain and spasms. Warm compresses with mint oil are used in respiratory diseases, what helps to calm cough and facilitates easier breathing. Calms chest pain. Applied topically on the temples and mid-forehead to treat headaches.


Mint oil is widely used in all fields of aromatherapy: aroma lamps, inhalers, saunas, baths, steam rooms, air humidified facilities. Some clinics use mint oil to remove postoperative nausea. In Greece mint smell is named as hospitality scent, and used for home deodorizer.

Medicinal uses

Baths with mint oil used in heart rhythm disorders treatment. Compresses and baths with essential mint oil helps to remove fever in colds and viral diseases.

Skin care

Peppermint oil is suitable for oily and irritated skin care. It reduces the reaction of the skin, on contact with irritating factors on nervous excitement and harmful effect of the environmental. For inflammation in the skin, vascular mesh, acne and scabies, eczema, erythema, bruising and swelling,is recommended to apply a cold compress with essential oil of mint topically.


Aroma oils are not recommended to use during pregnancy.

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