Strawberry Oil 


Brand: Nefertiti for natural oils and herbs
Country of Origin: Egypt
Botanical name: Fragaria ananassa
Family: Rosaceae
INCI: Fragaria Ananassa Pure Aroma Oil
Components Used: Fruits
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Scent: Cheerful, mild and lightly sweet
Appearance: Bright red
Physical state: Liquid
Natural: Yes
Purity: 100% Pure
Certificates: ISO & MSDS
Composition: Pure aroma oil
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The strawberry probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, but did you know…
* strawberry is related to the rose.
* strawberry is the only fruit that bears its seeds on the outside.
* just 8 regular sized strawberries contain about 140% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.
* strawberries contain various refreshing fruit acids, valuable minerals and essential vitamins. As a result, they have widely acclaimed healing properties such as blood purifying and disinfecting,  helping wounds heal, combatting constipation and headaches, reducing wrinkles, and improving memory.

The strawberry’s symbolism is very diverse, ranging from humble, righteous, lusty and earthy to unblemished and even divine. Strawberries are the purest among all berries. This delicate heart-shaped berry has always connoted purity, passion and healing. It has been used in stories, literature and paintings through the ages. 

Strawberry Origin & Characteristics

The origin of the strawberry plant is rather unclear. It is said to be an indigenous forest plant that has slowly but surely conquered the vegetable gardens. According to others, the plant was introduced by explorers from South America. Be that as it may, the strawberry has gained more and more popularity as a delicacy since the Middle Ages. In the middle of the last century, many farmers who previously had a mixed farm (livestock, vegetables and fruits) began to specialize in strawberry cultivation.
Opinions also differ greatly as to the origin of its name. The word strawberry most likely comes from the Old English “streawberige” because the plant produces shoots that can be compared to pieces of straw. According to others, the practice of mulching strawberries with straw, or finding strawberries in the wild among matted hay or straw, gave birth to their name. Still, the nicest explanation is that the name strawberry comes from the practice of selling these delicious fruits on a straw as a treat at an open-air market. 

Previously fresh strawberries were only available in the summer months – which earned them the nickname “king of summer” – they are now harvested all year round by growing them in greenhouses. The additional advantage is that growth and yield are less dependent on the weather.

At a high botanical level, the strawberries, or Fragaria Ananassa, belong to the rose family. The fruit known as “strawberry” is the result of an accidental crossing. This makes the strawberry plant a hybrid – so they don’t propagate from seed. Various types and varieties are native to Europe, Asia and America. All strawberry varieties are edible, including the much smaller wild strawberry.

The Strawberry is a sweet and flavourful food source known for its high nutritional value. Strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C, which is crucial for building and maintaining body tissue. It helps to build blood vessels and collagen in the connective tissue, and plays an important role as an antioxidant.

Strawberry Oil & Benefits

Strawberry oil is considered a ‘dry oil,’ which means it is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin, without leaving a residue. This oil is particularly good for dry, sensitive or flaking skin.

Mainly due to the presence of a natural phenol antioxidant called ellagic acid in strawberries (found in numerous fruits and vegetables), this oil is very beneficial for the skin and makes a great addition to a cleansing oil. Strawberry oil is a rich source of tocopherols (vitamin E) and antioxidants (omega 3 and 6). It moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity and helps reduce ageing symptoms.

Natural strawberry oil is a very effective agent for damaged skin caused by acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and cellulite, and promotes skin healing from cuts and scratches, scars, stretch marks, burns and sunburn. It can also help with dry, damaged hair, dry scalp and brittle nails.

Strawberry Oil for Skin Care

Strawberry oil is nourishing and neutralizing, suitable for oily skin, combination skin and impure skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin without leaving a greasy layer or clogging the pores, it has regenerative and cell-protecting properties, and repairs the skin’s barrier which is needed to restore a smooth and soft skin. Strawberry oil prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin and promotes production of new collagen, resulting in improved skin elasticity and fading of fine lines and wrinkles. It soothes and softens dry, chapped and sensitive skin and helps to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and cellulite. Strawberry oil reduces scars and stretch marks and acts as a mild shield against harmful UV rays. Linoleic acid in strawberry oil promotes regulation of sebum, while the ellagic acid acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The high amount of vitamin E in strawberry oil supports healing of damaged skin.

Anti-Ageing – Strawberry oil slows down the symptoms of skin ageing, which is usually caused by free radicals. The high content of vitamin C and ellagic acid fights these free radicals and prevents them from damaging the body’s cells. Regular use of strawberry oil minimizes wrinkles and fine lines and prevents the appearance of new ones.

Skin Cleansing – Due to some great cleansing properties that strawberry oil possesses, it is used widely as an ingredient in face washes and cleansers, skin rejuvenating face masks and bath products. The oil is rich in salicylic acid, vitamin C, exfoliants and antioxidants. The salicylic acid eliminates the dead skin cells, meanwhile tightening skin pores. The ellagic acid present in the oil is a powerful antioxidant and effectively combats skin damage by protecting the skin from free radicals, making the skin smooth and soft.

Treats Acne – Strawberry oil contains alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, salicylic acid and flavonoids which help to fight acne and control excessive sebum production. Treatment of the skin with this oil is the most effective if done twice a week.

Improves Complexion – Being rich in antioxidants, strawberry oil fights free radicals to prevent them from damaging skin cells. This results in minimizing dark patches, age spots, freckles and wrinkles. Simultaneously, it helps lighten the skin complexion.

Treats Pigmentation – The ellagic acid present in strawberry oil protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Topical application of the oil treats light dermal hyperpigmentation, a condition caused by UV rays inhibiting melanin synthesis, which is responsible for skin colour.

Reduces Dark Circles – The astringent properties of strawberry oil successfully reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. Before going to bed, rub a few drops of the oil under the eyes, let it dry and then wash your face with cool water, then apply some moisturizer. Repeat this treatment daily until the dark circles disappear.

Hydrates Dry Lips – Due to the exfoliating properties of strawberry oil, dead skin cells are removed which prevents dryness. A few drops of this oil hydrate the lips if applied regularly. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

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