TOP natural oils & herbs, which you should definitely have at home

To cover the daily needs of nutrients and vitamins, it is advisable to have some supply of natural oils, as well as natural herbs in the house.

With a cup of tea in the morning, you can start the healthy day. Hibiscus tea (Karkade tea) has a high content of vitamin C and is often used in winter as a protection against colds. Since it contains a caffeine, so can be taken several times a day. Karkade also acts as a natural herb against high blood pressure.

Another healthy tea is the green tea. Green tea is a natural herb against elevated cholesterol. It’s also popular and well known in the world, as natural herb for weight loss.

So we know that overuse of chemical antibiotics makes our bodies resistant to them, and we always have to develop new forms of medicine to help us. Why then to not back to the natural oils with theirs antibiotic properties?

The best choice is to use them specially to defeat inflammation.

4 natural essential oils are in the first place of many others because of their bright antibiotic effect:

Essential Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oregano Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil and Essential Clove Oil.

Fed up from insomnia? Essential natural lavender oil will help you to sleep well without taking chemical products.

In the household especially at the kitchen should not be missing the following oils:

Marjoram oil and mint oil: natural herbs by iron deficiency

Wheat germ oil, pumpkin seed oil and sesame oil: natural herbs by zinc deficiency

Fenugreek Seed Oil: Natural herb, which contains estrogens

Olive oil and pomegranate oil: natural herbs good for the kidney

Flax oil: natural herbs good for the heart

With the help of modern diffusers it is possible to use them everywhere. Here are several reasons for advantage: natural oils, whose fragrance directly affects our nervous system, can help for depression.  Its rose oil, frankincense oil, lavender oil. These oils have a mood-enhancing effect. Neroli Oil acts as a blood pressure regulator and “soul comforter”. These are just a few examples of why it is advisable to have a stock of natural herbs and natural oils in the house. We should use the effects of natural oils such as: healing properties; psychological effect; antibacterial effect; physical effect; to benefit us.

The healing properties of natural herbs have been known for a long time. To make your own recipe of salubrious ointments, it is easy to use the essential extracts of these herbs as natural oils. Popular, for example, cloves oil and camphor oil, these are known as a natural oil for pain. Coconut oil is often used as base oil as it has a long shelf life and is heat resistant.

Next, we should to do not forget about our skincare!

Here are natural skin care oils, such as:

Argan oil or pomegranate seed oil: for dry skin

Almond oil: for normal skin

Jojoba oil or Grapeseed oil: for oily, impure skin

In addition, shea butter with its antipruritic, anti-inflammatory property

Even when it comes to hair care, nature does not let us down, here are the following:

Jojoba oil, almond oil, hazelnut oil, arugula oil and flaxseed oil as favorites.

It’s so easy to help our body to stay healthy with a huge range of natural oils. Always pay attention to a good quality of the products you use. Nefertiti oils and herbs offers you all the oils in 100% best, natural quality. We grow our herbs ourselves in Fayum, Egypt, without the use of chemical substances and under constant supervision from the bottling to distribution.

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